Chrono Cross Another Eden Collab Revealed & Possible Remake Teasing

Mobile JRPG Another Eden just revealed on December 4, 2021, a collab crossover event with Chrono Cross titled Complex Dream; with a trailer retracing the legendary PS1 game’s opening.

Another Eden is a mobile RPG written by Masato Kato, the writer of Chrono Cross. The music is also handled by Chrono Cross‘ composer Yasunori Mitsuda. So this collab makes perfect sense. Now, it’s possible it’s also a bigger hint toward the fact that Square Enix is working on a Chrono Cross remaster, but nothing was announced yet on that front.

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Message from Masato Kato

A message from Masato Kato and some gameplay of the Complex Dream event was shown around the 40 minutes mark of the stream. In his message, Masato Kato most notably revealed that the Chrono Cross characters appearing in Another Eden will be voiced for the first time ever.

This is possibly a big hint toward the fact that a remaster or a remake is in production at Square Enix. If the characters are finally getting official seiyuu now, it’s very likely a Chrono Cross remaster / remake is in production and would be fully voiced.

Chrono Cross seiyuu cast

Serge will be voiced by Hiro Shimono. The staff on stream mentioned how Hiro Shimono is incredibly busy these days (he became super popular and in high demand after voicing Zenitsu in Kimetsu). Staff comments also included how he fits Serge’s personality perfectly, including how it changes depending on the player’s choices. Character designer Shinwoo Choi explained he tried giving the illustration a nostalgic feel.

Kid will be voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi. Takahito Ekusa handled Kid’s new illustration. Kid is a cheerful person and someone who gets into fights easily, so he tried reflecting that in her illustration.

Tsukuyomi will be voiced by Yukana. (I forgot how she’s called in English). Shinwoo Choi handled this illustration. Both Shinwoo Choi and Takahito Ekusa wanted Tsukuyomi’s artwork to really accentuate her form-fitting outfit.

The character portraits appearing in dialogue scenes. These were drawn by both Shinwoo Choi and Takahito Ekusa. With Lynx, Glen, and Hoshi besides Serge, Kid, and Tsukuyomi. The characters will have multiple expressions. Masato Kato also asked them to give the characters brand new expressions they wouldn’t make in the original game.

Chrono Cross’ original character designer Nobuteru Yuki shared some comments as well. He mentioned it’s incredible the original staff is reuniting 20 years later on a new game, Another Eden, and is now making a collab with Chrono Cross. He’s very happy to see that Masato Kato’s storytelling is still as intricate and passionate.

Complex Dream gameplay screenshots and details

Exploration and dungeons

The Demon Capital, the Underground Fort, and the Dreamless Tower of Time from Chrono Cross will be appearing in Complex Dream. (These are quick translations of the JP names, I don’t remember how these used to be called in the original game’s translation).

New Game + , Sub Events and dialogue choices

Just like in Chrono Cross (and Chrono Trigger), the Complex Dream event will have a “New Game +” function that lets you replay it. It’ll have multiple choices like in the original game, most notably a point where you need to speak to either Tsukuyomi or Kid. Playing the event multiple times will let you experience everything.

Complex Dream will add Sub Events. In Fields, Dungeons, or in towns, you’ll be able to speak with some of the characters for bonus short dialogues.

Battle system with Elements

An Elements system will be included in Complex Dream, like in Chrono Cross. This way, you’ll be able to change the Skills used by Serge, Kid, and Tsukuyomi.

The Field Effect battle system from Chrono Cross is also included. Be it friends or foes, each time an Element is used, the Field Effect changes as well. This is one of the announcements that surprised Japanese fans on the stream’s comments the most. With some saying they’re pretty much making a Chrono Cross spinoff inside Another Eden.

The Another Force special trio attacks are there too. There’s one with Aldo + Serge + Kid, and one with Aldo + Serge + Tsukuyomi.


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