Field Research Quests and Rewards

The second part of Pokemon GOThe 2021 Holidays event has begun and it adds some new Field Research missions to Niantic’s hugely popular mobile game. These Field Research quests and their associated rewards overlap with Pokemon GOResearch on time for the holidays and players who value efficiency should plan to execute them in tandem. For fans who want to better understand how these Research groups come together, a list of all Field Research quests and rewards can be found in this guide.


For greater clarity, it might be worthwhile to mention that Field Research quests are obtained by spinning PokeStops in Pokemon GO. Also, it’s important to note that the Fieldwork Part 2 of the Festival 2021 Events detailed in this guide will only be available until Friday, December 31 at 8pm local time. local. Therefore, players who are interested in some of the Research rewards should be busy visiting PokeStops to avoid missing the chance to earn them.

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Pokemon GO: Holiday Part 2 Field Research Quests and Rewards

Mission Prize
Catch 5 Ice-type Pokemon Holiday meeting
Catch 7 different Pokemon species Alolan Sandshrew Encounter
Hatching an egg Galarian Darumaka Meet
Hatching 5 eggs 1 Lure Glacial . Module
Open 5 gifts Holiday Pikachu Encounter, Holiday Stantler Encounter, Holiday Cubeho Encounter
Send 3 gifts to friends 3 Pinap Berry, 3 Poke Ball, 3 Razz Berry
Spin 3 Poke Stops or Gyms Swinub Encounter
Take 3 snapshots of Wild Ice-type Pokemon 20 Abomasnow Mega Energy

As players looking through this list will inevitably notice, two of these new Field Research missions revolve around catching Pokemon, which is also the focus of the Holiday Catching Challenge Timing Study . Furthermore, that Chronological Research set focused on fishing Inner Ice-type Pokemon PoGO, and encounters with that type of Pokemon are considered rewards for some Field Research quests. As a result, fans who take the time to spin PokeStops and pick up event-specific Field Research missions will find that they’re progressing through the Catch-Up Challenge faster.

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