Gordon Walton will premiere in 2021 for Crowfall and What’s Ahead

To say that Crowd had an eventful year would be an understatement. Not only did the game launch from Early Access and finally launch after several years of development following a successful Kickstarter campaign, but it also changed its funding model, diversified its PVP options, and at the end of the year, was sold to Monumental.

In the Founders Update, Gordon Walton takes us through the year, covering what the team at Artcraft has added, delivered, and accomplished. Some of the highlights include work on campaigns this fall, adding more improvements and quality of life changes, and improving the new player experience, add free trial, and diverse PVP options.

At the beginning of the year, many people wonder if Crowd will hit the launch milestone this year. While the game was officially released this July, response varies, and ultimately so does the number of servers, which affects the availability of sieges and PVP play options for those who log in frequently.

In response to this, Artcraft announced a new player experience for November with the introduction of prototype characters that allow new players to simply choose a pre-made level 25 character and simply jump in. They also added smaller PVP options that will also work when the server has a lot of players in different time zones. This includes the addition of cross-regional campaigns and scheduling of sieges in different time zones. The accompanying new player experience offers new missions and mechanics that can prepare players for what awaits them in Crowd experience. Additions such as a customizable chat system, map enhancements, and user interface improvements have contributed to simplifying access.

Overall, Walton’s year-end letter is upbeat about what’s to come. Looking ahead to 2022 and reflecting the recent acquisition by Monumental means they will be able to expand the group soon and updated their route. Some of this is meant to further make the game easier to navigate, and there are plenty of solid PvP options for all player sizes and positions.

Read the entire letter ended at Crowd.

https://www.mmorpg.com/news/gordon-walton-looks-at-2021-for-crowfall-and-whats-ahead-2000123952 Gordon Walton will premiere in 2021 for Crowfall and What’s Ahead

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