Internet Defends Woman Who Openly Said Coworker’s Twins’ Names Were ‘Idiotic’

The internet has come to the defense of a woman who claimed in a viral Reddit post that she openly called her coworker’s twins’ names « idiotic. »

Posting to Reddit’s « Am I The A**hole » forum on Thursday under the username u/Deadlybutterknife, the woman explained that she made the comment during her colleague’s « first appearance » back in the office since having the twins.

The post, found here, has received more than 8,600 up-votes and over 1,800 comments.

« A co-worker of mine recently had twin boys after a long battle with infertility. She has made her first appearance in the office with her new babies to introduce them to our team, » u/Deadlybutterknife wrote.

« When asked what she had named the boys (as up until this appearance she was undecided) she told me that she was naming them ‘Sean,' » u/Deadlybutterknife continued.

Thinking that only one of the babies was named Sean, u/Deadlybutterknife asked her colleague for the second baby’s name. But she quickly found out that both babies shared the name.

« No, they are both Sean, one with an ‘A’ and one with an ‘E’ so ‘Sean’ and ‘Seen,' » said u/Deadlybutterknife’s coworker.

The coworker’s last name also happens to be « Sean, » according to u/Deadlybutterknife.

« I immediately and without thinking said, ‘that is the most idiotic thing I’ve heard, and it’s going to be so confusing,' » u/Deadlybutterknife recalled.

« A bunch of people laughed and a bunch immediately looked away. After she left, I got a few text messages saying it’s not my place to comment on people’s choices of names, » she concluded.

In an edited version of the post, u/Deadlybutterknife clarified that both names are pronounced like « Shawn. »

The BBC recently reported that « more twins are being born than ever before. »

According to the network, « [a]bout 1.6 million twins are born each year worldwide, with one in every 42 children born a twin. » However, twin rates over the years have increased—particularly in North America and Europe—thanks to « medically assisted reproduction » techniques such as IVF and artificial insemination, among others.

« These techniques all increase the likelihood of a multiple birth, » said the BBC.

However, due to the health risks that twin births impose on both the mother and the children, professionals are pushing for an « emphasis » on « singleton births. »

« This is important as twin deliveries are associated with higher death rates among babies and children, and more complications for mothers and children during pregnancy, and during and after delivery, » University of Oxford Professor Christiaan Monden told the BBC.

Though some of u/Deadlybutterknife’s coworkers told her she was wrong to comment on the names of someone else’s children, many Redditors couldn’t disagree more.

« I’m gonna get down-voted for this but NTA [not the a**hole]. I’m an identical twin. Matching names is probably the cruelest thing you could do to a person. It’s not just confusing. It would keep the twins from developing identities outside their twin-ness, » wrote u/cpink1022.

« NTA—it’s going to be massive problems for these kids once they are adults… imagine credit reporting, financial problems or if one of them breaks a law… just a nightmare, » said u/DrugGirlMedCpht.

« NTA. Good luck keeping their records apart for the next 80 years. I feel sorry for their teachers, friends, future spouses, creditors and law enforcement, » added u/cassowary32.

Redditor u/Malpheous joked: « NTA. Not the hero she asked for, but the hero she needed. »

The internet has come to the defense of a woman who claimed in a viral Reddit post that she openly called her coworker’s twins’ names “idiotic.”

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