Oscar shortlist, decoded

Looking for a super early start when it comes to seeing every Oscar nomination? Look no further than the newly announced shortlist in ten different Oscar categories, including hair and makeup, visual effects, and all shorts categories. Chosen by members of individual Academy affiliates, the shortlist helps narrow down the choices for branch-wide voters — and for Oscar followers, find out a bit more on where the Academy might be eyeing nominations this morning of February.

This week Little Golden Men podcast, the group discusses the newly announced shortlists and what they can tell us about the state of the Oscar race in general. Katey Rich and Rebecca Ford also joins a wave of canceled awards season events, including the Academy Governor’s Awards and Critics’ Choice Awards, and what another virtual awards season could look like from this.

The episode also includes a conversation between David Canfield and Penelope Cruz, who has received some of the best reviews of her career for her latest movie with Pedro Almodóvar, Parallel mothers. (That really says something, given their long partnership over the decades and her three previous Oscar nominations.) She has said before that there’s nothing she can. concealed from Almodóvar, and in this interview opens up about a connection that means “we can sense each other, almost read each other’s mind.” But at the same time, they are uncomfortable with each other. their friendship on set: “We almost changed the way we treated each other on set and became a little more distant. We didn’t have that plan, but I think we did it to protect ourselves. relationships and work”.


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You can listen to the episode above. Little Golden Men going strong over the holidays, with a new episode next week featuring new interviews, and then back in early January with a bunch of real awards events, including the Globe Awards. Gold and Critics’ Choice Awards and lots of gala dinners. We’ll cover them all — and in the meantime, enjoy your holidays!

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