Overwatch Smurfs Problem Explained

In competitive games like Overwatch, players are always looking for whatever advantage they can overtake each other. Tactics can range from full-blown teamwork to daring Roadhog hooks, or powering up DPS characters like Bastion to make them as effective as possible. While all of these options are conventional ways to promote wins and test players’ skills, the less-appreciated practice of smurfing is a problem that has been around for a while. Overwatch almost since its release. While the game of smurfing can be used for more skilled players who want to be able to play against their lower ranked friends in competitive matches, this thinly veiled motive This usually doesn’t happen.


The Smurfs are often the result of higher ranked players creating new accounts to play games like Overwatch, League of Legends, and Valuable substance to play the matches easier. On new accounts, players can be placed against others who do not normally have the same amount of skill as them, allowing for very one-sided games. While it couldn’t be more exciting in quick games, these matches can turn out to be furious on the leaderboards. They give an unfair advantage to opposing teams, who may have a player on their main account ranked one or two places higher than them on their alternate account.

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Smurfs in Overwatch

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