Video of Man Pulling Woman on a Leash Down Plane Aisle Goes Viral, Sparks Debate

A Reddit post has ignited a debate in a viral video showing a man pulling a woman on a leash down a plane aisle. People have a lot of thoughts about the content from jokes to discuss what is—and isn’t—appropriate during air travel.

The video was posted on December 22 to the subreddit r/trashy with the title, « Walking your partner on a leash while boarding a plane. » It was taken from the point of view of a passenger already seated facing the plane entrance. A man wearing a face mask and hat could be seen walking by while holding the end of a short leash that was attached to a woman’s neck on a black collar as she followed close behind. The woman was also wearing a face mask and appeared to hold onto the man’s shoulder as they made their way down the aisle with their bags.

A lot of people are talking about the viral video, which has so far garnered 16,500 upvotes and 1,300 comments. Some Redditors made jokes, while others shared opinions about the twosome’s possible kink.

« Maybe he declared her as his carry-on baggage, » a viewer joked.

« Oh she’s def baggage alright, » a person commented as another responded, « He probably lost her once. »

A viral video on Reddit showed a man pulling a woman on a leash down the aisle of a plane during boarding. This stock image shows a front view of an airplane on the tarmac.

One Redditor jokingly wondered if the woman « can be trusted around strangers if she is off-leash. »

Another Redditor likened the woman to a pet. « Pets that big are supposed to go in the cargo hold! » they commented.

« But I can’t bring nail clippers or shampoo, » one commenter lamented.

« Wow, need attention much? » a Redditor asked of the people in the video.

Some theorized that the leash could be part of the couple’s BDSM lifestyle. One commenter asked them to « remember kinkster, the public can’t consent. »

« Not sure how I feel about being part of someone’s fetish, » another added. « I mean the people on the plane did not consent to be part of their public display fetish. »

However, one viewer pointed out that « at least they’re fully dressed. » They also commented, « If she were in a latex body suit or had a ball gag that would be different. They’re masked…and not making a huge show. Not saying I’m totally fine with it, but it could be far worse. »

One Reddit user seems OK with it, « as long as they have a mask on. »

A Durex study from 2005 revealed 36 percent of adults use bondage tools, masks, and blindfolds during sex in the United States. That’s more than the average in the rest of the world, which is at 20 percent.

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